Old Buildings and Shielings - a survey of Moidart

Gordon Barr

In 1999 I began to go walking in the glens and mountains of Moidart.

To begin with I thought that they were very impressive and lonely and thought that not many people had possibly seen these remote bits of Moidart before. However, particularly in autumn and winter when bracken does not hide things, I began to notice that there were a lot of abandoned buildings in the glens and corries.

As time went on I became more and more curious about how the hills and glens had once been widely used and this is an account of the observations that I made. To begin with I didn't have GPS equipment and my earlier data are all estimates about where I found the buildings. My camera then was not digital either and so I didn't take too many photographs at that time. Having visited some of the sites three or four times I began to notice that my previous observations had been far from complete and there are other parts of Moidart, particularly towards Glenfinnan, where I have not explored.

So this account of old buildings and shielings must be far from complete. It does not have much here about Castle Tioram, High Mingarry, Polnish, Port a'Bhata and the Recessed Platforms of the north shore of Loch Moidart. Excellent information about these can be seen on www.moidart.org.uk in the Archaeology section. It is work carried out by Sandra Evans and The History Group.

Gordon Barr 2017.

Select a survey from the list below. It will open as a PDF file in a separate window.

1 Port an t-Sluich

2 Camas an Raoigh

3 Polnish

4 Polnish to Kinlochailort

5 Inverailort

6 Allt an t-Sagairt

7 Coir' Bhuiridh

8 Arienskill

9 Alt Thoraraidh and Allt Raineachan

10 Meall Damh and Creag Dhearg

11 Coire Bhuidhe

12 Allt Lon a' Mhuidhe to Allt an Uatha

13 Glenfinnan

14 Eilean nan Gobhar

15 Smirisary

16 Smirisary Samalaman

17 Smirisary South

18 Kylesbeg

19 Kylesmore

20 Egnaig

21 Aultigil

22 Bad an Dobhrain

23 Glenuig

24 Bealach na Gaoithe

25 Airidh an Aon-bhuinn

26 Irine Burn and Gleann Dubh

27 Allt MhicEòghainn and Lochan Domhuill

28 Forsay

29 Roshven

30 Alisary and An Stac

31 Coire Doir' Uilt

32 Allt a' Mhuillinn to Limekiln

33 Lochan na Caillich

34 Ardmolich

35 Drynie Wood

36 Brunery Wood

37 Torr a' Bhreitheimh

38 Coire na Criche

39 Inchrory

40 Assary

41 Ulgary

42 Glen Forslan

43 Mingarry and Glac Ealagainn

44 Eilean Fhianain

45 Dalelia to Camus Drollaman

46 Fàsadh an Fhamhair to Gasgan

47 Glen Aladale

48 Briagh