The High Mingarry Survey, 2008

The High Mingarry survey, which took place from February to August 2008, followed the training of group members in surveying techniques by the team of Scotland's Rural Past (SRP), part of The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments in Scotland (RCAHMS) in Edinburgh. The training course took place in challenging weather conditions at the deserted settlement of High Mingarry and was attended not only by members of the Moidart History Group but by people from other Highland groups.

In all, the High Mingarry survey found and surveyed eighty-four features - houses, outbuildings, dykes, shelters, enclosures and the like. Additionally, we researched census, rental, marriage and estate records to produce a historic background to the settlement.   

A printed copy of the survey was produced by Sandra Evans for the Group's archives, but the submission to SRP consisted of five .pdf documents, all of which are available on this website by clicking on the links below.


1. The Survey of High Mingarry (4Mb)

Panorama of High Mingarry (Sandra Evans)

2. Survey Drawings (3Mb)


3. A selection of photographs of the settlement (3Mb)


4. Maps and Aerial Photographs (4Mb)


5. A History of High Mingarry (1.5Mb)