Alan Blackburn - 'The Blackburns at Roshven'
is now available as a three- CD set

Alan Blackburn, who until recently lived at Roshven Farm, was brought up at Roshven House, a descendant of Professor Hugh Blackburn and Jemima Blasckburn, the renowned Victorian water-colourist.

On November 9th 2009 Alan returned to Glenuig to tell us the story of the Blackburn family from the 1850s until the coming of the road in 1967.

This atmospheric recording from the Glenuig Hall, telling of a past not really so far away, together with Alan's Powerpoint presentation, is available on two Audio CDs and a third data CD which includes the Powerpoint presentation, an Adobe.pdf of the Powerpoint in case you don't have the software, and a single .mp3 of the whole presentation on the one CD. All profits go to the Moidart History Group.

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