Moidart - The Book

The Moidart Local History Group has produced a booklet on the history of the area

This has been in response to demand, both locally and elsewhere to set some of the material on the web site into hard copy. The booklet has been built upon the Timewarp material and expanded by anecdote and by photography. It is 32 pages in full colour and although finely focused on Moidart, many of its issues have universal application.

All profits from the sale of this booklet go to the Moidart Local History Group. It costs £10.50, including postage and packing anywhere in the world. Please allow 28 days for delivery. The group is non-profit making and to keep costs low only accepts credit and debit card payment by the PayPal system - PayPal, at no extra cost to you, takes payment in US Dollars, Euros or Sterling and pays The Moidart Local History Group in Sterling.

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