Linguae Celticae - Ardnamurchan Report

A series of linguistic analyses of the Gaelic language in the Moidart area
by Kurt Duwe of the Linguae Celtica project.

Linguae Celtica have made the extended second edition of the "Ardnamurchan Report" available on their website at . It includes many new figures for the period 1881-1901 including new details about the Moidart area.

The full report can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Linguae Celticae have compiled a number of fact-sheets which are looking at local conditions of the Gaelic language in the 1891 census. Moidart is covered by the following four profiles (click to download each one in .pdf format)

1. Loch Ailleart (Loch Ailort)
2. Gleann Uige & Rois Bheinn (Glenuig & Roshven)
3. Gleann Mhùideart & Siùna (Glen Moidart & Shuna)
4. Mìogharraidh & Dail Eildhe (Mingarry & Dalilea)

To download a copy of the Adobe Acrobat .pdf Reader, click here.