Parish Records 1838
spotted by John Dye

Parish Records, 1838

The first entry in the Baptismal Register is as follows:-

Angus MacDonald, born Ash Wednesday, 28th February 1838 the Lawful son of Angus MacDonald and Mary Kennedy, Island Shona, was baptised by me the same day. Sponsor was Alexander Smith, Duinach.

This is followed by John, Lawful son of Alex MacDonald and Flora MacDonald, Port a bhata, born 26th Feby. 1838, was baptised by me on the 27th of the same month, sponsor Jean MacDonald, Rhu, Arisaig.

A Father Angus MacDonald has two baptismal entries in 1842, viz.:-
July 19 1842. Ranald MacVarish lawful son of Angus MacVarish and Mariella(?) MacIsaac, born on the 18th was baptised by me this day. Sponsors Angus MacVarish and Mary MacDonald.
July 23 1842. Angus lawful son of John MacDonald and Margaret Kennedy, Egnaig, born on the 22nd do. Was baptised by me this day 23 July 1842. Sponsors Alex. Smith and Ann MacDonald.

These two families afterwards appear to have gone to Canada.
This Rev. Angus MacDonald was a native of Arisaig and went to Nova Scotia.
Those entries in the Baptismal register who subsequently went to Canada or America have the fact noted by Father Rankin in the Register; and a copy of the list is given.

The sheet bears a faint stamp of the public archives, Nova Scotia