Historical Family Insights Related to
William Cornelius MacDonald (1878-1957)
Dennis Penton

I am the Grandson of William (Billy) Cornelius MacDonald, my mother being Catherine Eileen MacDonald, youngest daughter of William C. and Catherine Sarah McDonald. For ease of understanding by those in the future, William C. lost his first wife in 1915 and remarried Mary Margaret McDonald in 1918.

Stories my mother would tell me of her growing up around Auld's Cove were thoughts that felt comfortable and have stayed with me over time. A number of years back, I decided to place the names of family members onto paper which led to the excitement of opening doors into the past to many interesting stories about the family as revealed thru deeds, wills & bits of genealogy here & there.

I've discovered many personal stories along the way that I'm happy to share but at the same time, I wasn't looking for doom or gloom - I'm able to share because events like deaths & shipwrecks got recorded.

The quest for the next ancestor has the excitement of cold case detective work when done properly, but for me the insight into their lives feels very rewarding. Sensing how they may have felt leaving their native Scotland or how they felt when tragedies struck, puts emotion into knowing your family. They were living people with families, just like ours. These emotions stir sentiments and a desire to discover more ancestors over time.

My research often goes laterally into the families of spouses, so there may be details in my research that get missed in this recording, focused somewhat around William C's lineage. Over time, additional chapters will share information on the lineage of those folks but in the meantime, I encourage anyone to ask me questions.

Email: dennispenton(symbol @)royallepage.ca.

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