The Glen Moidart Papers
Clanranald Estate Rentals 1748

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No 469

Clanranald Estate 1748


Jany 23/1748/49


NB Rentals of the Clanranald Foreited Estates are also in the
Record Office, London, also taken by David Bruce.
NB The following are sundry notes made by Miss R. Rouse 18-6-38







£            s            d

Jany 23rd James Macdonald For a Farthing of land and half

44         00          00

of a farthing of land Baillie


Mary Macdonald For the other Farthing Baillie

44         00          00

NB Baillie appears in the list after Smirisary and Eignaig
but before Samalaman


Carna appears in quite another place in the
Clanranald rental.


NB In 1747/48. Tenants names:


John MacIsaac


Angus     "


John       "


NB Same MacIsaacs still at
Alex Macdonald Smirisary. P175 "Moidart
or Among the Clanranlds

Donald Macdonald


Lachlan       "



Sarah McEachen




Notes from "Among the Clanranalds"
Page 172 Iain Og vic Ruarie and Donald Macdonald out with Prince Charlie in 1745
Page 248 Andrew Macdonald MacAonghuis vich Ian had the arm of Bailly in Eilean Shona, daring smuggler before end of last century. (ie 18th) His family emigrated to America (ie Canada) - "Leading man of business in the Dominion"

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