The Glen Moidart Papers
Sundry Notes re Kinlochmoiddart Tenants 1764 - 1873

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No 466
MGI VOL 559 Ranald

(From records in the possession of Miss Macdonald Roberts of Hastings)
Examined by Miss R. Rouse 18-6-38


John Campbell of Ardslignoch


Archibald McIsaac, Brunery

1768 & 1770

Capt. Alexander Macdonald Tacksman of Glenforslan and Duilad


Donald Campbell, Mingarry


Alexander Macdonald, Craige


Alexander McPherson, at Kylios (Coiles)


Donald McIntyre, Tenant in Assary - was this the one who in 1776 was in Kinnachreagan


John McInnes, Allersary(?) - (Ullogary?)


(The farms of Neills Craig)


Ullagary & Assary - offer for farm from And. McDual.


James Macdonald, Kyles - 1804 Jas Macdonald at Kylesmore


James Macdonald, Borodaile


Mr. Macdonald, Lochans


Donald Macdonald at Shona


Guidale Kinlochuachdraich


Archibald McEacherne at Shonebeage


Donald Macdonald at Lochans


John and Roderick McFerson, tenants of Craige


Donald Macdonald, tenant at Kenicare


Peter McIntyre, Glenforslan, Kiels


Mr John Greagerson, Artemoch


Mr Macdonald, Lochans


Mr McEachen of Irine


Mr John Macdonald (Borodaile) paid 1 rent of Ulgary and Assary


--- Macdonald at Killesmore


Dugald Macdonald and Duncan McVarish at Kinlochuachdrach


John Macdonald, Craid Kielisbeg (tenant)


John McKillop, Tenant, Home Farm


The Swinburnes at Eilan Shona

No 468
Rental of Kinlochmoidart Estate
Accompt of arrears, preceeding the Term of Martinmass 1747

NB Angus Macdonald younger

For part of the lands of Ulgary


Croft 1747 - £14-13-4

NB The total Arrears of the Kinlochmoidart estate are

In Scots money £211 - 19-0


In Sterling £ 17 - 13-3

Extract from Letter to David Bruce to the Rt. Hon. Lord Chief Baron and Permanent Barons of the Court of the Exchequer in
Scotland - Edinburgh - 23rd January 1748/49

Re Arrears
"That there was not arrears due from the said estate at the time of the said Donald Macdonald's conviction, most part thereof having been then in his own possession. That the greatest part of the land was waste from the year 1745, till Whitsunday 1747, and that most of the rents due at the said term have been paid by the tenant to the ladies of Kinlochmoidart, older and younger.
And I have made enquiries with respect to the condition of the present tenants and possessors of the said estate, and was informed that they were all in very poor circumstances and none of them have any other dwelling or office houses, but poor mean huts of no value.
(He also values the garden and woods of the estate)
"I also made enquiries for what personal estate, cows, cattle, Horses, Sheep, or other goods and chattels, belonged to the said Donald Macdonald, but could find none, and I was informed that his haill goods and effects were carried off by the King's Troops when they burnt the house of Kinloch. May 1746
"I also made enquiry for the Charter Chest and papers of Donald Macdonald but could find none. I was informed that some of his papers may be in the hands of the heirs of the deceased George Gordon, Writer to the Signet, who was his doer."

No. 471
From papers Ex'd in Register House, Edinburgh - 11-8-33 (Ruth Rouse)
Kinlochmoidart Records
Sundry Petitions

1750 Margaret Cameron, mother of Donald MacDonald (Kinlochmoidart) petitions not to have to pay rent for Glenforslan. "Isobel Stuart widow of Donald Macdonald will starve." "They stick out against paying unless compelled by military force."

1750 Patrick Campbell, agent, would like to see a loyal colony planted, but fears for his life almost, at the hands of the Macdonalds. "Wild, barbarous, with no manners." "All Roman Catholics."

1754 Petition John Macdonald
On behalf of Ulgary men, that they should not have to pay back rent for 1745 and 1746, as they only entered into possession 1747 or 1748 i.e. Alex Mclaughlan, Angus Macdonald Jr, John Macdonald; and Mary MacDougall, alias Macdonald (ulgary), -
John Macdonald, Assary.

1754 Another petition. John Macdonald in Assary (signs badly). James Glass disposes "The others touched my pan and declared that they could not write." "The poor petitioners and their already indigent families." (N.B. this petition headed as from John and Angus Macdonald, brothers of Kinloch)

1754 Petition for recovery of payments for raised stipends of Minister Lachlan Campbell - People are "Papists and bigoted Jacobites." Parish included Ardnamurchan and Arisaig (?) "Not 12 miles of rideable road." Parish of Ardnamurchan '120 miles in circumference' 'above 4000 persons.'

1761 Patrick MacIntyre, Surgeon in Strontian, proposes to build stone houses, instead of "a few small wattled huts" on his half of the farm of Glenforslan and Duilad.

N.B. Petitions of Capt. Alex Macdonald and Susanna, that a bridge may be built on the Moidart River. "Sometimes impassable andpeople get drowned."

No. 472
Kinlochmoidart Forfeited Estates Records
Examined at Register House Edinburgh
9-8-38. (Miss R. Rouse)

1755 Alexander MCLaughlan alias Macdonald, Tenant
For Ulgary - 50 - married
Pays for 1 farthing + ½ (farthing) of the lands of Ulgary
John Macdonald - ?
Rory Macdonald - ¼
Angus Macdonald Sr - ?
Angus McEwen alias Macdonald - ? - was this Ewen the Ewan Ban shown in the 1745 list?
Angus Macdonald Jr - ?
Alex McL. alias McD
Declares "He lived in family with his father who possessed part of the land of Ulgary and paid a considerable sum to the late
Kinlochmoidart." "This is the truth, or he shall answer to God and declares he cannot write."
Rory Macdonald - 40 or thereby 1748
John Macdonald - 40, married 1750
Angus   "           Sr - 40 or thereby, married, entered 1747
Angus McEwen alias Macdonald - 35, married 1747
Angus Macdonald Jr - 30 or thereby 1747
Compears John Macdonald in Assary -
62 - a widower
Entered to possession Whitsunday 1747
Posseses ¼ of Assary
Angus Macdonald
34, Married
Whitsunday 1742 (?)
Brother of the foregoing
Alex. Kennedy
28 - married

Ewen Macdonald - 35 married
John Macdonald, Surgeon, 60 - Kinlochmoidart
brother to deceased Donald Macdonald.

Extract from one typical witness re Ulgary - (see Rent Roll 1755)
"Compeared Alex MacLauchlan alias MacDonald, Tenant for Ulgary, aged 50 years or thereby, married, who being solemnly sworn and interrogated, Depones, That he entered to possess this part of the land of Ulgary at Whitsunday 1747. - that the farm of Ulgary consists of 4 farthings - or a Merkland, that at his entry he got possession of one farthing, and a half. Depones that he now possessed one farthing of the said lands of Ulgary and that John Macdonald possesses one eighth, being the
half of a farthing. Rory MacDonald, one farthing and a fourth, Angus MacDonald Sr one eighth or half a farthing. Angus Mc Ewen alias MacDonald one eighth or half a farthing, Angus MacDonald Jr one eighth.
"That the teinds or Ministers stipends of Ulgary are thirteen marks yearly, and the Cess eight shillings sterling yearly, both payable by the tenants.
Depones conform to the proceedings, Depones as to the Services. And that he lived in family with his father, who possessed part of the land of Ulgary, and for a Considerable time paid to the late Kinlochmoidart"Causa seintica patet" and this is truth, as he shall answer to God, and declares he cannot write."
Alexr. Campbell B. B.
Mungo Campbell

7 No 475
Sundry notes from old Map of Kinlochmoidart Estate - dated 1795
From the Kinlochmoidart papers in the possession of Miss R.R Macdonald-Robertson, of Hastings, examined by Miss R. Rouse in June 1938.


John Macpherson - owns ? of the Merkland of Coolis Ian Oig, Kellismore and Shunnabeg.
John Smith owns ? " " " "

Farm I - Ulgary
Rory Macdonald, for 12 years past, i.e. from 1748, ¼ of Merkland of Ulgary.
Alexander Macdonald, for 13 years past, (i.e. from 1747). ¼ of Merkland of Ulgary.
"Cannot support more than 56 great cows, 14 two year olds, 14 stirks, 4 mares, 56 sheep and 100 goats. Sowing not more
than 12 bolls small oats = 25 bolls of meal."

Notes on Rentrolls etc., of Kinlochmoidart No. 476
1804 III "For rents Crop 1804. State of Intromissions of Alexander Campbell, as factor upon the estate of Kinlochmoidart"

Kinlochmoidart Donald Macdonald, Lochans

£ 23. 0. 0

Ardmolich Alex & Donald Macdonald

£ 50. 0. 0

Craig John Macdonald

£ 27. 0. 0

Kellismore James Macdonald

£ 22. 0. 0

Ulgary & Assary John Macdonald

£110. 0. 0

Jan 4/1804

1804 "Improvements"
Value of house at Kinnicary paid Donald Macdonald exclusive of windows and doors, p. obligatory missive by factor.
May 31 : 1800

March 1805. Memorial
"Alexander Macdonald, Tacksman of Ardmolich, shows that his father is very old, and has paid 47 rents for farm of Ulgary; that his predecessors had been tacksmen of the farm of Ulgary for 200 years; has come into money, and wants lands assigned to him,"
"Also Missive of tack, by John Macdonald to James Macdonald of Killismore, the lands of Killismore for 9 years after Whitsunday 1792 (i.e. until 1801)

Note from 'Among the Clanranalds' re emigrations P.213
1773 - Emigration to P.E.I. of John Glenaladale and the persecuted Catholics of Boisdale, plus many of the tenants of Lochshiel side, the Natives of the hamlet of Druuim na laoight almost to a man going away on this occasion, 200 or 300 men went altogether.
1812 (circa) Most of the Kinlochmoidart tenants emigrated to America - the natives of Ulgary, Kinlochuachair, Brunery and the lower parts of the Strath, may be said to have gone away in one body, leaving their lands to be incorporated in one or two large holdings.
Marginal note beside the above: ?? It is clear there was a substantial emigration to P.E.I. from Kinlochmoidart in 1790, under Angus B. Maceachen, afterwards Bishop.

No. 477
Notes on Rentrolls etc of Kinlochmoidart
(Copied from records in the possession of Miss Robertson Macdonald, Hastings by Miss R. Rouse - June 1938)

II List of Roup Rolls of the Stocking on
Kinlochmoidart and Glenforslan. 1782

1782. R.R. noted names of interest
Donald Macdonald Bowman at Kinlochmoidart
John ------ of Douchlamis
Ranald ------ of Sandick, Arasaig
Donal ------ of Giddal, Moror
James ------ Irine (Roshven)
Ranald ------ Borodaile
John ------ Forlin ----------- (Feorlin?)
Ronald ------ Benmianach
John ------ Ulgary 2 cows
Donald ------ Bailly - (In Eilean Shona)
John ------ Ardness
John ------ Salnos of Glenaladale

1792 Contract re Killismore £25 - 9 years Mar 29 - 1792
Between John Macdonald Esq, Kinlochmoidart & James
Macdonald in Killismore. Record of offer also.
1793 Alex Macdonald offers £60 yearly rent for Ulgary for
self and other tenants.
1792 Capt. John Macdonald of Kinlochmoidart to
Archibald and John Macdonald of the land of
Ulgary and Assary - May 7 1792

(Copied by Miss R. Rouse, in the 1930s, from Records in West Register House, Edinburgh or in the possession of Miss Robertson Macdonald, of Hastings, England)

[Photocopies of handwritten documents apparently made by Philip P. MacLeod of Colorado Springs, U.S.A. and transcribed by J. Dye in June 2006]

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