The Glen Moidart Papers
Tenants in Old Moidart, Scotland, as in the Judicial Rental of 1798

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                                                                                                                           No 452

Clanranald Tenants from the Judicial Rental of 1798
(Published by Charles Fraser-Mackintosh)F.S.A.

Tenants in Old Moidart, Scotland, as in the Judicial Rental of 1798

1.      Dalilea, Langal, Annat - Wester and Easter Drumloy, Islandfuinon,  Ferry and Change House thereof - Alexander Macdonald.    Rent £53 - 15s - 2½d for the first 8 years of the lease and for the remainder    ........  £64 -5-0.    Lease 31 years from 1790 - Aikes (Makes?) 1 ton of kelp - Contents of all the farms, four pennies or 16 pennies of land.

2.      Briag - Duncan Macisaac and three others £18-0-0.   Makes fire of lordship, 3 tons of kelp every three years.

3.      Scardosie, Donald Macisaac and four others. £30-0-0. A 2½d farthing land. No kelp made. Farm is sandy - being so enwashed upon by the sea that it is now barely 30 acres exclusive of rocks. Tenants unable to pay the present rent.

4.      Mingarry   Rory Macvarrish and four others.    £30-0-0.   No kelp made.    Rent too high and expect a reduction.

5.      Glening   Angus Macdonald and twelve others. £45-0-0.    A 6 farthing land.  3 tons kelp made every six years.

6.     Donald Macdonald and seven others. £33-0-0.   No kelp made.   Rent too high.

7.      Portavat.   William Corbet and two others ... £26-0-0.    A two farthings land and makes two tons of kelp.

8.      Eguog     Donald and John Macdonald ... £43- 0-0.    Donald has 4/5ths and John l/5th of the land and makes 26 cwt. of kelp.    In place of the seaware used for kelp they purchase manure from their neighbours.

9.      Blain       John Maccachan and two others.    £21-0-0.    A 1½ farthing, land.    No kelp made.

10.    Island Shona -   Andrew Macdonald ....... £60-0-0.    Being considered dear.    Clanranald appointed him woodkeeper of Moidart at a salary of £10 to help to pay the rent.

11.    Salmon Fjshings of Skiel - Said Andrew Macdonald. £3-0-0.   Whatever kelp he makes on island Shore is free of lordship.

12.    Samalaman                                                                                                                                                £10-14-10.

A two farthing land, let on 35 years lease from Whitsunday 1786 to Bishop Macdonald and his successors in office.  Occupant in 1798.    Bishop Chisholm.   No kelp made.

15.    Irine — John Maceachan.                                                                                                                        £30-8-6.

A six farthing land.    Set on lease to John's father for forty years from 1781. Makes about a ton of kelp.

14.    Change House of Castle Tyriun - Said John Maceachan                                        £2-0-0.

15.    Lochans and Setuacloich - Donald Macdonald.                                                    £20-0-0.

         A merk land.  Makes a ton of kelp.

16.    Inchrory . . . Above Donald Macdonald , . . .                                                                          £25-0-0
A two farthing land,    Lease 30 years from 1786

Fen (Feu?) Lands

17.    Kinlochmoydart    — Mrs. Margaret Robertson Macdonald.    Her total rental £ 512 and pays Cess to Clanranald  of £3-3s.

18.   Glenaladale — Alexander Macdonald.    The rental £130 and Dalilea says the fen duty is £24-9/5½d.

[Note, this is a typewritten document and these are the spellings given.  No title of Rental no. 6 was given, it was possibly the Kyles area, which is not otherwise mentioned. - JD, June 2006]

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