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List of Tenants of South Uist as per the Judicial Rental of 1798

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List of Tenants of South Uist as per the Judicial Rental of 1798

46.          Alexander Macdonald        Peninirine                                                                        £30-0-0

Pays  also a bale of horse corn, or 10s conversion money. Lease 50 years from 1789.    Manufactures 9 tons of kelp.

50.    Roderick Macdonald, Gerrafleugh.                                                                              £22-4-5

Subjects were possessed by Roderick's father on a life lease.  Father, John Macdonald died in 1797.  Widow and family now in possession.  3 tons of kelp manufactured all on the East Shore for which two guineas allowed.

51,    Neil Macphee, Ardivacher                                                                                         £29-15-6
          It is a two penny and one farthing land   divided thus.
          Macphee himself - 1 farthing

52.     Donald Smith – 1 farthing

53.     Angus Macphee - 1 farthing

54.     John Maceachan - 1 farthing

55.     John Smith - 1 farthing

56.     Donald MacEachan Senior 1 farthing

57.     Lachlan Mac Isaac - 1 clitick

58.     Angus Bane Campbell - 1 farthing

59.     Finlay Macinnes - 1 farthing

60.    John Roy Mac Eachan - 1 clitick

Pay no casualities.    Manufactures 18 tons of kelp, 9 tons on the East Coast for which allowed £l-15s per ton, and at the rate of £2-2s for the West Coast except for the kelp on rocks of difficult access for which they get £2-15s-6d.    This rate they consider too low and look for a rise, and each year they have to purchase a large quantity of meal.

61.          Archibald Macphee - Kilanlay                                                                                          £48-0-0
thus divided
A. Macphee - 3 cliticks

62.     Angus Macaulick - 3 cliticks

63.     Ranald   Macdonald  3     “

64.     Malcolm Macinnes - 3 cliticks

65.     Lachlan Macdonald   - 1 farthing

66.     Angus Mac lan Alister - 3 cliticks

67.     Angus Macdonald alias Maclachlan - 3 cliticks

68.     Donald Macphee - 3 cliticks

69.    Alexander Macaulay     1 farthing

70.    John Macaulay - 1 clitick

71.     Angus Macaulay     3 cliticks

72.    Lachlan Macdonald Senior - 1 farthing

73.     John Macdonald - 1 farthing

74.     John Morrison - 3 cliticks

A four penny and one half penny land.    They used to pay at the rate of four pounds sterling for every three cliticks,  and two cliticks make a farthing land. That they formerly paid at the rate of £3 for every farthing lands, but on account of the sand drifts and advance of the sea, they had been allowed a deduction of about one fourth their rents.   That the said deduction was given them in spring 1794 and that since then the farm, has suffered considerably by sand drift.  That three pennies of Macherneanach  was added to their farm, and an adequate rent laid thereupon, but which lands are now entirely destroyed by the blowing of the sand drift.    The tenants manufacture about 2 tons of kelp.

75.     John Mackinnon, Limque                                                                                          £59-11-0
Thus divided:
J. Mackinnon - 1½farthings of lands

76.     John Mackinnon - Junior       1 farthing

77.    Lachlan Mackinnon                   1       "

78.    Ewen Mackinnon                       1        "

79.    Lachlan Ban Mackinnon            1       "

80.    Dugald Macisaac                        1       "

81.    John Macisaac     -      1 farthing

82.     Dugald      "                   2 farthings

83.    John Macdonald    -       1 farthing

84.    Donald Maceachan        1       "

65.    Angus Macdonald           2/3 of a farthing

86.    Farquhar Campbell        1 farthing

87.    John Morrison   - 1 farthing

88.         Donald Mac Coil Vic Iain – 1 farthing  i.e. Donald son of Donald, son of John

89.         Donald Campbell          1 farthing

90.    Angus Campbell       -   1 farthing    

The tenants make 18 cwt. per farthing of 16 tons of kelp for which allowed £1-15s sterling per ton.

91.     Lieut. Dugald Macdonald, Balgorva                                                                         £59-11-0

Holds under a 21 years lease from 1791.

Lands consist of 4 and one half pennies.Manufactures 21 tons of kelp.    Is also tenant of the fendicles of Sandavag and Frichkill for which he pays £3-ls sterling and manufactures in the East Shore 2 tons of kelp.

92.    Ewen Roy Macmillan -    Roug - Askernish                                                              £5-0-0

Makes 2½ tons of kelp for which allowed at the rate of £l-15s.    Holds on a seven years lease from 1794.

93.          Donald Macintyre Senior Kilvannan          farthing land, thus divided being a3 penny land,
Whereof Donald 1 farthing                                                                                              24 or £2.

94.     Donald Macintyre,  Junior   1 farthing

95.     John Rose                              1     "

96.     John Macmillan                       1       "

97.     Allan Ban Macdonald            1       "

98.     Allan Macdonald alias Mac Coil Qrg.    1 farthing

99.    Angus Bane - 1 farthing

100.   Dugald Macaulay - 1 clitick

101.   John Morrison and his Son Donald - 1 farthing

102.   Ewen Macdonald - 2 farthings

103.   Widow Macdonald, 1 clitick which she possesses gratis. 8 tons of kelp are manufactured all being East Shore,   No 93 has been tenant for 28 years, but neither he nor the others had leases.

104.   Gerrinish - Lachlan Macvurrich                                                                                        £24-0-0

Gerrinsh is a three penny land whereof he posses 1 farthing.

105.   Donald Macpherson - 1 farthing

106.   Murdo Macvurrich -           1       "

107.   Duncan Campbell    -           1      "

108.   Mr. Samuel Macdonald 1      "

109.  Alexander Macdonald           1      "

110.   Donald Chisholm                     1       "

8 tons of kelp are manufactured. All being East Shore, none made on the West. Allowed £1-15s per ton.   Require annually to be supplied by the proprietor with meal.

111.   Grogary and Stilegarry - Lieut  Angus Macdonald                                                                      £24-17-11

Grogary a two penny land,  and Stillegarry a four penny land.   Succeeded to a lease held by his late father expiring in 1804.   Has power of disposing of kelp by payment of 10s to the proprietor.    Makes 4 tons yearly.

112.   Neil Macphee.    Hestinial                                                                                                      £3-9-6

Has no lease but has been in possession for 25 years.   States that his father, Francis, who is still alive, was promised by Clanranald neither to be removed, not to have his rent increased.    They make 2 tons of kelp for which allowed £l-15s.

113.          John Morrison, Change House of Kilanlay                                                                                £5-0-0
Has a lease expires 1799.                                       

114.   Donald Chisholm    Coolis Lusa                                                                                       £7-0-0

Donald's brother, Roderick, has a lease for 19 years, from 1790, and 5 tons of kelp made for which allowed 2 guineas per ton , but as some of it is out on very difficult rocks, expects an increase of the allowance.

115.   Angus Macdonald,    Miltonon   Kildonan and Gerryvaltas, rent                                          £59-6-7

These lands each 5 penny lands in all 15 penny.    Lease dated 2nd February 1774 for 24 years in favour of Angus Macdonald the tenant's father.    He and his father make on the East Shore about 22 tons kelp for which privilege they pay 10s per ton.

This is Flora Macdonald's family.

116.   John Macdonald - Roanaglash at Loch Einord                                                                              £4-0-0

Lease for 19 years from Whitsunday 1796.   Makes 2 tons of kelp for which allowed £6-19s per ton.

117.   Rev. George Monro - Duinisdale                                                                                       40-0-0

These lands are 13 single 1d lands.   Holds during his incumbency with a certainty to his heirs of 19 years from 1789 at a reduced rent to them of £25.      Makes 8 tons kelp, for which allowed 3 guineas per ton.    Mr. Monro also possesses 3 double penny lands of Howmore... .....                                                                                                              40-0-0

Holds during his incumbency.    No kelp made.

118.   James Currie.    Change House of Ardinichael and point adjacent                                   5-0-0

Holds on a 30 year lease from 1789.    Makes 5 tons of kelp for the proprietors Proprietor obliged to lay out £100 on buildings, for which tenant had to pay at the rate of 7½%.

119.   James Currie Orinelate                                                                                                                        80-0-0
Said James Currie, one half penny - one clitick.

120.   Miss Macdonald of Clanranald - 1 penny 1 farthing

121.   Donald Currie - 1 farthing

122.   Roy Currie           1    "

123.   John Macdonald      1     "

124.   Angus Morrlson     1      "

125.   John MacLellan       1   "

126.   Roy Morrison       1 clitick

127.   Angus Macintyre      1 farthing

128.   Allan MacCormick    1 Clitick

129.   Neil Macissac      1 farthing

Tenants have no lease.    Made of balck and cast ware 26 tons of kelp for which allowed £2-2s per ton, but complain as fas to low, considering the difficulties in making and distance of carriage to place of shipment.

130.          Alexander Maceachen,    Howley . . . .                                                                                      £80-0-0

A 3rd land.    Holds on lease of 25 years from 1789.    Makes from cast seaware about 4 tons of kelp,  for which allowed at the rate of three guineas.    By missive from the late Clanranald dated 9 of Sept. 1789, is allowed £5 for preserving the fishing on the River Hough.

131.    Donald Robertson Mill of Howmore.                                                                                      £30-0-0

Possesses since 1787 so long as he serves the thirl with satisfaction.    The thirl extends from the ford of Benbecula to the water of Roe Glass.

132.    Lauchlan Currie Lower Bomish                                                                                                £90-0-0

Holds on lease for 25 years from 1790.   Makes 34 tons of kelp, whereof from cast ware East Coast 15 tons remainder from cast and blast. ware.

133.    Kenneth Beaton, Stoneybridge                                                                                                £80-0-0
A four penny land whereof he holds one farthing.

134.   Angus Macdonald  1 farthing

135.   Donald Lyn    1        "

136.   Neil O'Henley     1       "

137.   John Macintyre    1       "

138    "            "        Junior   1 farthing

139.   Malcolm Macisaac     1         "

140.   Neil Macintyre    1         "

141.   John Macdonald  1         "

142.   Lachlan Mackinnon  1         "

143.   John Macisaac     1         "

144.   Malcolm Smith 1          "

145.   Allan Smith 1         "

146.   John Walker        1         "

147.   John MacKelaig  1 clitick

148.   Angus Macdonald  1       "

149.   Donald Macinnes     1 farthing

Makes 30 tons of kelp from black and cast ware, for which allowed at the rate of ten guineas which owing to difficulty in cutting, making and carrying to market, considered too small.

150.  John Macdonald of Bornish - Fen       160 marks and in lieu of commuted customs in all  £24-9-5

161.  Capt. James Macdonald   Garahellie                                                                               £25-0-0

Occupies Drimore under tack in 1789 to Donald Macaskill surgeon in Uist assigned to him.  Is allowed to manufacture kelp for his own behoof but only makes 1 ton on the East shore, except one year when he made 5 tons.

162.   Mrs. Macdonald Garehellie                                                                                                              £25-0-0
Her son Captain James manages for her and succeeds to the farm, if the lease expires in 1806,  falls in by her death prior to that date.  Seldom or never makes any kelp.

155.   Hugh Macdonald, Killipheder                                                                                         £100-0.0

An 8 penny land. Lease 15 years from 1788.  Pays in addition to his rent 1 boll Horse Corn.   Allowed 2 guineas per ton for his help.

159.  The said Hugh Macdonald Daleburgh                                                                              £70-0-0

A double four penny land.    Pays one boll Horse Corn - Possession under tack in favor of his deceased brother Alexander Macdonald.    On expiry of current lease it may be prorogated for 12 years at an additional rent of £30 including both farms. Makes 70 tons of kelp, for which allowed two guineas per ton — 40 tons made on the East Coast and remainder on West Shore.

160.  Colonel Alexander Macdonald, younger of Boisdale  Askermish and the
two Frobosts                                                                                                                                    £80-0-0

Twenty two single penny lands.   Holds on missive from 1796 during his father's life.    Some years makes no kelp, in others a few tons.

161.  Colin Macdonald of Boisdale.                                                                                          £31-8-10

In name of  Feu duty and probable burdens. Roderick Chisholm ground officer for South Uist, confirms the foregoing rental and adds that the tenants require a considerable quantity of meal from the proprietors to support them while manufacturing the kelp.

N. B. (l)   While some Uist people came to P. E. I. in 1772 and in 1790 - and & good many came to Antigonish, so for as I can gather the most of the Uist emigrants went to Cape Breton Island,

N. B.    (2}   In many cases the names of all the men in the Croft are given in the Uist list of crofters and cottars, whereas in the Arisaig and Moidart lists only the Crofter subtenant or lachsmans  name is given and not those of the Cottars*


[Note, this is a typewritten document and these are the spellings given. - JD, June 2006]

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