The Glen Moidart Papers
MacDonalds of Glengarry
& the Privy Council

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No 435

The Records of the Privy Council of Scotland give some details as to certain followers of Glengarry who were involved in affairs that brought them before the attention of the council. In the records for 1641, there was made a supplication to the Council by William McIntoshe of Torcastell, Master the widow of Lachlan McIntoshe and William, and their remnant kin and friends against:

John Mc Donald in Innergarrie
John Mc Donald, his brother
Alexander Mc Donald in Culachie, also his brother
Rorie Mc Gillespick
John Mc Onill Vc Eane
Alexander Mc Gillespick
Alaster Mc Onill Vc Gorrie
Dougal Mc Conchie Vc Innes
Angus Mc Gillichallum Vc Conchie
Rorie Dow Mc Innes Roy
Doald Mc Onill Vc Eane in Stronachroak
John Mc Onill in Achnadarrach
Allan Mc Allan Vc Innes and
--- Mc Allan, his two sons
Angus Mc Eane Vc Innes Vc Alaster in Kililenane
John Mc Ewin Vc Eane Vstich in Fochim
John Mc Innes Vc Rannald Vc Allan there
Donald Owir, his brother, there
John Mc Onill Vc Eane Voir in Dam
Neil Mc Onill VcEwin Roy in Kyltir
Donald Mc Onill Buy Vc Ewin in Drynachan
John Mc Ewin Vc Eane Dwy in Laggan
Alaster Dow Mc Onill Vc Alaster Ve Ewin

No 436
Alaster Beg, his brother
Mc Gillespick Vc Conchie, son to Gillespick Mc Conchie, officer in
Angus Mc Rannald Vc Allan in Ardbeg
Donald Me Eane Vc Ewin Duy
Donald Mc Innes Vc Allan Vc Innes Voir with their two uncles -
Allans Mc Innes Voir

The foregoing was apparently only one of many troublous occasions between Mac Intoshes, and Macdonalds, and I did not follow up the records to see how the matter was settled.

In 1666 some of the Glengarry clansmen are asking the Privy Council to right a wrong which they suffered at the hands of some of the town officials and citizens of Inverness, and which had resulted in the death of some of the Glengarry men.

A complaint was made to the council on March 2nd of that year by:
Angus and John Mc Donalds
Alexander Mc Donald in Culrosse Nearest in kin to the
Deceased Alexander Mc Donal
in Shian
Dougall and Allan Mc Donalds, his sons
Duncan Mc Dougall in Drynechin and Ewen Mc Dougall his son, nearest
of kin to Donald Mc Dougall, who was killed
Archibald Mc Donald in Auchaguine
Alexander Mc Grivor in Lundy
John Bayne Mc Donald in Shian
Donald Dow Mc Ewin in Auchtera
Ewin Mc Finlay Roy in Kilinan
Ronald Mc Donald in Ley
Angus Mc Donald in Crolig
Donald Mc Donald in Laddie
Donald Smith in Fychean
Neil Mc Eachin in Moror
john Mc Intyre there
Donald Mc Donald in Arisaig
Duncan Mc Donald in Kilinan

No 437
John Smith in Lundy
Donald Mc Eachin in Kroydart
Angus Mc Andro in Kyterie (tenant to Allan Mc Donald of Kyterie)
Alexander Mc Donald, son of Rory Mc Donald in Kyterie
Some of the foregoing names may be of interest to a student of the genealogy of the Glengarry clansmen.

March 16th, 1940

[Unsigned but probably by Colin S. MacDonald - JD]

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