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MacDonalds of Knoydart

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No 419
The MacDonalds of Knoydart - Scotland
(Sliochd Alein'a Alein)

This was an ancient branch of the Clanranalds, and a brief account is given on page 238 et seq - Vol 3 - Clan Donald.
The genealogy there given is as follows:

Allan - II of Clanranald
Allan I of Knoydart
John II " "
Ranald III " "
Allan IV " " (on record in 1501)
Angus V " " (on record in 1548 and 1576) also 145? Corres. State
Allan VI " " (on record in 1587)
Ranald VII " " (said to have been murdered after 1613)

As compared with the above. Reg. P. C. in 1613 refers to the murder of Ronald McAngus Gear of Knoydart. Some other names are on record also. The Exchequer Rolls Vol. 12. page 709, circa 1500 refers to Alan McRanald M'Bain, as occupying Auchindrom, and Knoydart.

Records of Inverness (circa 1560) speak of Angus McAllan of Knoydart agreeing to pay 24 Marks damages to James Cuthbert of Inverness to go to John Neilson, Burgess.

Also "Thanes of Cawdor" (1572) mentions Angus McAne McRannald of Knoddart in a bond from John of Moidart to Lord Lovat.
While this Sept of the Clanranalds was dispossessed by the Glengarry Sept, many descendants emigrated in 1786 to Glengarry - Canada, and some of them have preserved a record of their descent.


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