London House, Strontian, 1859
by John Dye

This report comprises transcribed handwritten material from the office of the Procurator Fiscal of Tobermory, currently held in the Argyll Archive at Lochgilphead.

Dugald McNaughton and John Cameron had a trial of strength outside the London House Hotel Strontian and were charged subsequently with a breach of the peace.

Report by Constables Duncan Cameron and Allan Cameron of an assault on John Cameron

Dugald McNaughton, a Shepherd at Beithach, Parish of Morvern and County of Argyle in the employ of Charles Alexander Esq., Liddesdale, Parish and County aforesaid, has been guilty of assault in so far as on Thursday the 20th day of October, 1859 years, the said Dugald McNaughton did assault John Cameron, son of Hugh Cameron, Miller, Anyhelt, Parish of Ardnamurchan and County of Argyle, by seizing hold of him by the neck and struggling for some time.

The said John Cameron, it appears, was equally guilty with himself in so far as that he struggled with him. It appears that the cause of the quarrel was that MacNaughton was bragging strength and that he could manage all the lads at Strontian. Added in the margin was the note: 'This happened in the Coach House where they were selling whisky at the back of the London House'.
Duncan Cameron Constable
Allan Cameron Constable

The Court Records put the matter more formally

That albeit by the laws of this and of every other well governed realm, Breach of the Peace is a crime of a heinous nature and severely punishable yet true it is and of verity that Dugald MacNaughton, a Shepherd and now or lately residing at Beach in the Parish of Morvern in the County of Argyll and John Cameron, son of and now or lately residing with Hugh Cameron, Miller and now or lately residing at Anaheilt - in the parish of Ardnamurchan in the County of Argyll have both and each or on or other of them been guilty of the said crime, actors or actor or act and part. In so far as upon the Twentieth day of October Eighteen hundred and fifty nine years or about that time, within or at or near a Coach house situated at or near the Inn called or known by the name of the "London House" at Strontian in the parish of Ardnamurchan aforesaid, then and now or lately occupied by ¼¼. The said Dugald MacNaughton and John Cameron did wickedly and feloniously square & fight and seize hold of and struggle with, each other, did create or cause to be created a great noise and disturbance and did otherways conduct themselves in a violent, unruly, noisy and disorderly manner, to the great annoyance of the lieges and in Breach of the Public Peace which was thereby broken and disturbed.

May it therefore please your Lordships to consider this complaint and thereafter to grant Warrant to Officers of Court to cite the said Dugald McNaughton and John Cameron to appear before you to answer to same and thereafter to fine and amerciate them (punish with a fine) in any sum not exceeding ten pounds sterling together with Expenses or to sentence them to be imprisoned in the Prison of Tobermory or any other legal prison for any period not exceeding sixty days or to do farther and otherways in the premises as to your Lordships shall seem meet and According to Justice.

Tobermory November 1859.

The outcome of the trial is not noted.