MacDonald Eyes
noted by John Dye with a comment by Keith MacDonald

MacDonald Eyes

Several years ago I was informed by Miss Ruth Rouse who was descended from Moidart MacDonald that she had been informed by Lady Macdonald of the Isles that in many MacDonalds one eye was larger than the other.
Then in 1945 in Montreal the same story was told to me by a MacDonald woman whose forebears had come from the Isles to Ontario.
The story does not seem to be current in Moidart and evidently is a Skye or North Uist tradition.
Sept. 12/47 C. S .M.

Yes - the story was told to Miss Ruth Rouse about 1935 or 1954 by some MacPherson cousins in Somoloman (Samalaman) or Glening (Glenuig), Moidart, Scotland..
Jan. 16/48

Keith MacDonald comments (2nd June 2005):
"Your article on this page has caught my eye, so to speak, not least because it is also a feature of my son Euan and we are descended from MacDonalds from Skye.

The medical consultant who examined him is fascinated; the condition seems to be very rare in the south of Britain, is completely benign and caused by the eyelids working independently. When one eyelid closes more than the other, the appearance is a bit like a car windscreen with one sun visor tilted down."