Robertson MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart collection

Nat. Lib. of Scotland Archive M.S. No. 3983

by John Dye

p. 2 Letter (1/5/1761) ref. to Ranald MacDonald Tacksman of Irin (sic)

p. 20 Proposal for 60 milk cows, 90 farrow & 40 2-3 yr. olds & 40 stirks, 20 of the milk cows to rear a calf. It is a 3 merk land divided into the following parcels: viz. the pendicle of Craig: Baddachraggan & Tengaglas, best grazed there until the grass is ready on Tenganahimrestan & Kinacarra & after moving them to Brunary and Kinlochuachdrach whence they are brought to Dallvronary. The 3 yr. olds going to Beinyahre in Glenforslan. The stirks going to the Wood park of Torric-Killuntin, Craigliabeg and the 3 small enclosures of Tienganahimristen.

p. 27 Butter delivered from Kinlochmoidart to the grieve John McFarlan (and sold to Mr. Hird, overseer of Sunart Woods) 20/8/1774 - 387 lbs.
Butter from Glenforslan - 197 lbs.
(Lt. Col. Alexr. of Kinloch deceased by March 1782)
p. 44 Ronp. 20/5/1782
Mentioned purchases
Angus Cregorson, Ardtornish
Alexander Cameron, Druimnasaillie
Rory MacDonald, Ardnafuaran (Father of Lottie?)
Ewen " , Kennachreggan
Hugh Campbell, Killuntine
Ranald MacDonald, Sandaig, Arisaig
Alexr. MacDonald of Glencoe (yngr.)
Duncan MacMillan, Callopa (John MacMillan snr. tacksman)
Angus MacInnes, Brunary
Capt. John MacDonald, Morror
Nicol Macintyre in Assarie
Donald MacDonald, bowman, Kinlochmoidart
Donlald Kennedy, Barr, Morvern
Angus MacDonald, Achtriachtan
Donald MacVarish/MacDonald in Annat, Moidart
John Smith in Glenaladale
Alexr. Gillies, Letter Morror
Angus MacPherson in Kenrochoille (Sunart)
Ewen MacMillan, Garvan
Donald MacDonald, Guidale
John Smith, Mingarry, Moidart
Allan MacDougald, Liddesdale
Ranald MacEachen, Sandick, Arisaig
Ewen Macillivra, Arnipol
Ustina (sic) MacDonald, Meoble
Alexr. Cameron, Scammadale
Donald Cameron, Kinlocheil
John MacDonald in Feorlindow
Donald MacDonald, Lochans
John MacPherson, Liddesdale
John MacInnes, Alasary
Alexander MacEachern (sic), Assary
Alexander MacLean, Alassary
Donald MacMartin in Arian (alias Cameron)
Samuel MacDonald in Camusein
Doctor MacEachren (sic) Irin (later MacEachen)
John MacLeod in Glen Forslan
Kenneth MacInnes in Ardnafuarach (Tailor)
Donald Cameron, Tacksman of Glenhurich
James MacDonald in Irin
John MacMillan in Genhurich
Ronald MacDonald, Borrodale
John MacDonald, Duchamas (later MacDonell)
Duncan MacLean in Glenuig
Ronald MacDonald, Peaimeanach (the Bard)
Alexander Cameron, Scammadale
Donald Cameron, Scammadale
John MacDonnell, Salnish (Salnosh) (Glenalladale)
Capt. Simon MacDonald (son of Morror)
Duncan MacEachern, Shuna (Shonaveg)
Angus MacDonnell in Eigneig (elsewhere MacDonald)
Alexander Cameron, Achanellan
John MacVarish in Drimlaoi
John MacDonald in Glenaladale
Alexander MacDonald, Dallelee (sic)
Duncan McIsaak in Scardosge
Ewen MacInnes in Portnellan (at E. Fhianain)
Alexander Stewart, Leck (Tacksman)
John Gilllies in Laggan of Ardness
John MacDonald in Drimnatorran
Alexander MacPherson in Kylesmoidart

List of persons sent bills (p. 63)
John MacDonald, Tenant in Feorlindone?
John MacDonald in Ullagarry
Angus MacLean in Assary
Angus Beaton in Eignoch (sic.)
Donald MacDonald in Baillie
Donald & Ewen MacVarrich in Drimintui (sic.)
Dugald MacDonald in Ullgary
Angus MacNeill in GlenForslan
Lachlan MacDonald in Kyle of Ardnamurchan
Ewen MacDonald in Kyle of Moidart
John & Donald MacIsaac - Tenants in Briach, Moidart
John Corbett, (ground officer)
Duncan MacEachern in Shonaveg
Alexander MacPherson - Tenant in Kylesmoidart
John MacPherson in Assary
Ronald MacDonald at Langale
Angus MacDonald, Tenant in Eignaig
Angus MacInnish in Brunarie
Ronald MacDonald late in Irin, now in Langale
New mansion completed by 1/6/1782 (Kinlochmoidart)
1784 & 85
Kelp produced by the following Tenants
Duncan MacEachen, Shonabeg & his brothers
Ewen MacDonald Kylesinog (Caolas Iain Og)
Angus MacInnes "
Niel Roy MacInnes " (may well include Egnaig, Allt Gil)
Alexr. MacDonald "
John MacDonald "
Ewen MacDonald, Kylesmore
Dougald MacPherson "
Alexr. MacPherson "

Rentals of Kinlochmoidart 1786
Ulagarry (one penny)
Rory MacDonald
John "
Ewen MacDonald Snr.
Angus "
Ewen " (jnr.)
John MacPherson
Donald MacDonald
Dugald MacDonald
John MacPherson
John MacEachen
Ewen MacDonald
John Smith
Donald MacIntyre (Ground Officer)
Ewen MacDonald
John MacPherson
Dugald "
Alexander "
MacEachens (sic.)

f. 79 Duncan Campbell Tacksman of Inverscaddle was factor for Kinlochmoidart Estate in Nov. 1787

f. 81 Tack of Killiemore (Caolas Mor) to Jas. MacDonald residing there, 1792

f. 83 29/3/1792, 15 yr. Tack of Glen Forslan to Colin Campbell, Tacksman of Glensrae

f. 84 29/3/1792, Tack of Kinloch to Hugh MacDonald of ?

f. 88 " , Tack of Assary to Donald MacEachern (sic)
" , Tack of Shonaveg to Archibald MacEachern

f. 90 30/3/1792, Tack of Killiebeg (Caolas Beg) to Peter MacIntyre there (Ground Officer)

f. 91 30/3/1792, Tack of Ulgary & Assary to Archibald MacDonald Duchamis

f. 166 1802, proposal, due to lack of bridges and constant spates, to build a road through Glen Gour to Strontian.

f. 171 March 1802, Tenants of
Ullagarry & Assary, John MacDonald, Borrodale
Glenforslan, Peter MacIntyre
Kylesbeg, "
Killesmore, James MacDonald
Shonaveg, Archibald MacEachen

f. 193 Kenlochuachdrach, Donald MacDonald, Lochans
Ardmolach, Alexr. & Donald MacDonald
Craig (next to Caolas Beg?), John MacDonald

f. 209 List of cattle from viz.:
Andrew MacDonald, Eilean Shona
William Corbett
Alexr. MacIntyre
Alexr. MacLean, Samalaman
Angus MacDonald, Inchrory
Duncan MacIsaac (McVerage) at the bridge
Archibald " " Inchroa

f. 212 Mr MacDonald of Lochhence (Lochans?)

f. 238 1805, Donald MacDougall planting trees (Father of Archibald & grandfather of Egnaig brothers?)

f. 47 13/4/1809, Tack to Alexr. Gilllies, Claish, and Alexr. Cameron, Ardtoe, of the farms of Caolas Beg, Shonaveg, Craig & Caolas Mor. (At present in the possession of Mr John Stewart.

f 49-50 Rental 1808-1809
Ulgary & Assary, Peter Stewart (Whits. 1807) Glenforslan (later father in law of John MacLean, Alisary)
Craig, Kylesbeg, Kylesmore & Shonaveg, John Stewart (Whits. 1808…)
Ardmolach, Kinlochuachrach, Alexr. MacDonald (Whits. 1808)
Brunary, John MacDonald (Whits. 1808)
The Mains, D Robertson-MacDonald
The Kelp, John MacEachen

f. 51 Sale of Kinlochmoidart oakwoods to Duncan Macintyre jnr. merchant in Ft. Wm. and John Cameron at Cloisfern (Iain Ban Uisdein?)

f. 59 Mention of wages for digging drain on the north side of the top field at Culnacapull

f. 130 Dispute over Lochans/Kinlochmoidart march 8/8/1832. Alan MacDonald, (84) residing at Lochans depones that he knew the march when herding aged 14-16.
Austin MacDonald (51) (rod.?), residing now at Gorteneorna, was 16 yrs manager for the late Mr MacDonald of Lochans who showed him the march in 1816.
Duncan Gillies (um.)(30) residing Laggan was 3 yrs shepherd at Lochans with Austin the manager.
Angus MacIsaac (md.)(30) res. Mingarry was 6 or 7 yrs shepherd with Austin the manager from 1823
Donald MacIsaac (60) widower, res. Shonaveg, depones that he heard his father say that the march was in the King's Daughter's Chests. His father was son of a tenant residing there.
Hugh or Austin MacDonald (50) res. Kinlochuachrach (md. man.) tenant of K.L.U. for 18 yrs.
Duncan MacIsaac (60)(md.) res. Glenuig depones …..
Duncan MacInnes (aged ..)(um.) res. Eilean Shona.
Alexander MacDonald (27)(ind.) Res. Kinlochuachrach.

f. 152 Dispute re shell sand in North Channel 9/8/1836
Angus Smith (over 80)res. Arasaig, born at K'moidart resided there until he was 30. Then he was 4 yrs at Kylesmore
John MacIsaac, Eignaig (63) depones he got his info. from John & Donald MacIsaac, Smirisary
John MacIsaac Smirisary (48), depones ….
John MacDonald, Kylesbeg (over 60) born at Eignaig and left there when he was about 18 or 19. Then went to Druim Laoigh, Loch Shiel-side for 3 years. About 7 yrs thereafter he came to Craig and lived there ever since at Kinlochmoidart (sic). While his father was at Eignaig he remembers shell sand being taken. His father moved to Langal. (f. 154)
Allan MacIsaac (31), Smirisary depones ….
Angus MacIsaac (37), Eignaig depones ….
Angus " (over 50), Smirisary depones ….
Donald " (ca. 40) " "
John " (ca. 50), Glenuig "
Donald " (60), Smirisary "

f. 158 John Corbett (examined Ardmolich Public House) (52) has lived at Port a'Bhata for 45 yrs. His father William Corbett was 93 when he died. Heard his father say (c. 1773?) he was 30 yrs old when he left the KinlochM estate. His father died 3 years ago.

f. 158 Allan Corbett (over 60), Port a'Bhata (br. to John)

Donald MacDonald (over 80), Port a'Bhata
John MacInnes (85), Eilean Shona, pensioner. Was 22 when he went to the army. He is ca. 40 yrs in Moidart since he left the army - lived between Eignaig & Eilean Shona since then.
Dugald MacDonald (52), Kylesmore. Has lived on the KinlochM property since 1807 …. mentions Alexr. MacVarish & John MacVarish at Glenuig, Donald MacIsaac & John MacIsaac at Smirisary, Wm. Corbett, Port a'Bhata. Roderick MacVarish, Langal & Donald MacInnes E. Shona.
Michael MacNeil (67), Langal depones ….
Allan MacIsaac, Tacksman, Mingarry (ca. 50). Born at Shonaveg, lived there until the last 18 yrs & thence went to Kylesmore, where he remained 5 yrs, then KinlochM for 2 yrs.
Neil MacEachen (50), Egnaig, was ground officer to Maj. MacDonald ….
Donald MacVarish (82), Clash? or Clachan?
Angus MacNeil (57), Boat wright at KinlochM.
Ranald MacIsaac (56), Kylesmore ….

f. 161 Angus MacDonald (over 40), Smirisary, depones he was the 1st ground officer for Maj. MacDonald.

f. 175 Lease for 5 yrs of Craig & Caolas Beag to John MacDonald there.

f. 180 Note of sheep delivered (180) by Angus MacDonald to Lachlan MacDonald at Kyles 17/6/1839 (Craig & Kylesbeg)

f. 186 3/11/1843 list of people who purchased oat meal

Alexr. MacDougall (Allt Gil?), ½ boll meal 4/-
Peter MacGregor, 2 stones 2/-
Angus MacNeil, ½ Boll 4/-
Jessie MacIsaac, 1 stone 1/-
Allan MacVarish, ½ Boll 4/-
Angus MacNeil " 4/-
Donald MacDonald, Moss, 2 stones 2/-
Angus, Lachlan, Dalnabreac, 1 stone 1/-
John McGilvray, 1 stone 1/-
Duncan MacIsaac, Langal, 2 stones 2/-
John " , Shona, " 2/-
Alexr. MacVarish, Croft, 1 stone 1/-
Peter MacGregor, ½ Boll 4/-
Dugald MacIsaac, 2 stones 2/-

f. 189 Lease of Fishings to Jas. Blackwood Gemmel, residing Barony Place, Glasgow 1/2/1843

f. 195 Advance to Alexr. MacDonald (48) Kylesmore for emigration

f. 199 6/5/1876, Lease of Kylesmore to Hugh MacPherson, Cattle Dealer, Cuilich of Ord, nr. Beauly, for 15 yrs.

f. 206 Rental of KinlochM. & Clachran (sic), no date
Duncan MacArthur 6.10
Lachlan MacDonald 5
Hugh MacIsaac 4
Duncan MacDonald 8
John MacDonald, Ardmolach + pub. ho. 20
John McGilvray, Clachran 5
Angus MacDonald jnr. 5
" " snr. 5
John MacVarish 5

No. 3988
f.2 Division among Creditors of Dougald Stewart of Appin at Whitsun 1767 (dated 7/6/1767) (showing). Accounts of Funds arising from rent duty during sequestration - Abstract of Alexr. Stewart of Invernahyles Accounts Factor on Appin.

f.2 Many interesting place names. Mention of Anne Campbell, widow of Robert Stewart of Appin, apparently still living & John MacDonald of Glencoe. Mention of Paul Husband, merchant, traveller dempster, Edinburgh
1758 Also Mrs Margaret Stewart, dtr. of the dec. Robt. Stewart of A.
1757 " Mrs Ann " "
Mrs Isobel " "(her mrge contr.)
To Donald McD. of Kinlochmoidart, dated as 27/7/1715. No mention of Fasnacloich

f. 3 1776 Rental
Mains, Garden, exclusive of Craig & Brunery - Capt. Alexr. MacDonald
Brunary, Craig, Glenforslan & Duilad - " "
Assary - John Macintyre(½), Donald Macintyre & John MacPherson equally (2 hlfs.)
Ulgory, Rory MacDonald 4/16
Angus MacLachlan 3/16
John MacPherson & Angus MacDonald equally
John & Ewen MacDonald equally
Caolismore, Angus MacDonald
John MacPherson & Ewen MacDonald equally
John Smith
Caolisaianoig Ewen MacDonald
Shunaveg Duncan MacEachern
Former schoolhouse, now changehouse ……….

f. 45 22/3/1836 14 yr Tack of Kinloch lands (Hill Farms of Kinloch & Brunery + East end of the Flat of Kinloch + part of the Hill of Torloisk to Alexander Stewart, (Mrs) Christina Stewart & John McLean at present tenants of Glen Forslan.

f.47 Mentioned as purchasers at a roup 16/8/1838

John MacLean, Glen Forslan
Ranald MacNeil, Dalnabrec
A. Stewart, Kinlochmoidart
Lachlan Chisholm Esq., Lochans
Angus MacMaster, Kinlochmoidart
Lachlan MacDonald, Dalelia
Archibald McIsaac, Langall
Alexander Cameron, Kinlochmoidart
Duncan MacDonald, "
John MacEachen, Island Shona

M. 1882 John Kennedy (19th Entry) Lanark. 648 NJ

M. 1855 Ann Carmichael (1st Entry Lismore 525/1

M. 1862 Thomas Mckenzie (3rd Entry) Aharacle 505/1

M. 1862 Margaret MacLachlan (12th Entry) Blantyre 624

M. 3/7/85 Donald MacDonald, Ardgour (34) Foxhunter. Born in Moidart, son of Lachlan MacDonald (Tailor) and Mary MacDonald (née), married Ann Carmichael (single 26). Born in Lismore, dtr. of Dugald Carmichael & Mary Carmichael (née).

M. 6/8/1862 Thomas Mackenzie (24) Farm Manager, Roshven. Son of Duncan MacKenzie, crofter (app. living) & Margaret MacMaster (app. living), married Mary MacInnes (single) (24), dtr. of Alan McInnes (gardener) & Christian McDiarmaid (both app. living). Witnesses Charles McInnes, Angus McInnes.

D. 25/5/1929 John Kennedy (Widower? of Mrgt. MacLachlan) (88) at Gartnavel Hillhead Glasgow, son of John Kennedy (deceased crofter) and Mary McIsaac (deceased). Informant John Kennedy (son) Dell Glen, Drumchapel.

D. 1929 John Kennedy, Hillhead Gartnavel. 644/12

M. 1882 Margt. MacLachlan, Blantyre 624 Entry 12 Wrong lady

M. 1899 Alex. MacPherson, Kilmallie, 520 Entry 17