MacDonalds of Keppoch & Clanranald
by John Dye

No 406

In the Records of the privy Council of Scotland for 1622, there is a complaint by the Marquis of Huntley against several Highlanders for deer poaching in his forests, and the names given evidently include some of the Keppoch clansmen.They are as follows: -
Angus Oig Mc Allester Vc Eane Dwy in Bohuntie - (omitted in History of Clanranald)
Donald Mc Eane Vc Eane Roy there
Alaster Mc Alaster Vc Eane Dow in Ballendundarge
John Mc Robert Vc Conill Vc Robert in Auchnadiran
Murchie Mc Allane Vc Ewin in Innerroymoir
Gillespik Oig Mc Allaster Mc Gillespik in Innerroymoir
John Mc Allaster Vc Gillespik there
Donald Mc Condochie Vc Conill Vc Rorie in Auchnavadie
Donald Oig Mc Eane Roy--servitor to Angus Oig Mc Allaster
The name of Angus Oig is not given in the genealogy of the Bohuntin family as set
forth in the History of clan Donald, but it is quite likely that the said history is incomplete in that respect.
Feby. 26th, 1943


Sundry notes from the Privy Council Records of Scotland

In addition to the information to be found in the History of Clan Donald, a good deal of additional data of an historical and genealogical kind may be obtained from the public records. The first incident to which I shall refer took place in 1613. In that year there was lodged a complaint before the council against some of Clanranald's followers, who had been giving assistance to the MacLeods of Lewis. The names of the followers were as follows:
Donald Mc Allan Mc Eane of Yllantyrum
Ranald Mc Allane - his brother
Johnne Mc Donald in Wist
Donald Gorm. Mc Eane there
Ranald, his son, there
Ranald Mc Ean Vc Rorie thair
Angus Mc Eane Mc Allane thair

The first two were the Chieftain of Clanranald and his brother, while the fourth was a son of John of Moidart, eighth chieftain. The MacLeods of Lewis seem to have taken refuge eventually in the island territories of Clanranald.
In 1622 the Privy Council issued an order to seize the property of a number of residents of the Isles, for not removing from the lands of Benbecula, Skeirhoug, Gerrogreynynis and Greyminis at the request of Sir Donald Mc Donald of Sleat, who evidently claimed to own the lands or control them:-
John Mc Ronald of Moydart
Ronald Mc Ean Mc Gorrie
Angus Mc Ean Mc Allane
John Mc Fergus Mc Ane Vc Allane
Gillicallum Mc Gillireith
Gillespik Roy Mc Nei1l Vc Connell Gorme
Lauchlane Mc Rorie, minister
Donald Gorme Mc Innes Vc Allane
Duncan Pyper
Angus Mc Ane Duy Mc Ferquhar
Rorie Mc Ean Mc Ferquhar
Donald Mc Gillibreid Mc Viccar
Brein Mc Wirrich
Rorie Mc Rannald Mc Donnala Gorme
John McLauchlane McInnes (See Angus Mc Lauchlane Vc Inness in 1658 Susanna affair)
Angous Mc Aongus Mc Ronnald
Johne Smithe
Allester Mc Donnald Gorme
Allan Mc Allane Mc Phersone (A grandson of Sir Rory Mac Alasdair)
Dougall Mc Conill Mc Coull
Johne Mc Gillispik Wayne
Gillespik Mc Gillispik Wayne
Angous Mc Ronnald Mc Coull
Donald Mc Ewin Mc Intalzeour
Angous Mc Eane Wayne Mc Ophie
Ronnald Mc Eane
Donald Mc Allane Mc Wirrich
Neil Roy Mc Donnald Glas (Is this a son of Donald Glas Mc eane Vane in Phesodill - 1618?)
Murdo Mc Gillimichaell
---------- McGillicreath
---------- Mc Gillicreach, his son
Neill Mc Dowhie
Neyne Roy Mc Allester, widow
Donald Dirrinach Mc Wirrich
Kathrein Neyne Ane Roy
Johne Mc Gillownan
Doull Mc Finlay Mc Ean Roy
---------- Doull Mc Finlay, his son
A number of the individuals involved were fairly c1osely related to the Clanranald chieftain. Allane Mc Allane Mc Phersone seems to have been previously in Ochill. Ardnamurchan because a complaint against him in 1618 gives his residence as Ochill. Gillicallum Mc Gillireith was involved in l636 in the looting of the ship Susanna. I do not know how the matter involved in the comp1aint of 1613 was settled but I believe it was adjusted without the inhabitants having to leave their lands.
In 1619 it is stated in the Records of the counci1, that the principal persons of the Clanranald are the following:-
Johnne Mc Donald Vc Allane Vc Eane of Ellantirrim Captain of the Clanranald
Donald Gorme Mc Eane (Son of John VIII of Clanranald)
Rorie Dow, his brother
Angus Mc Coneill Gorme (Bailie of So. Uist in 1629)
Allaster Mc Eane Oig (Son of John Og - 1st of Glenaladales)
Donald Gorme Mc Angus Vc Allane (Son of Angus X of Clanranald. Lived at Boisdale)
Ronald Mc Donald Gorme (Son of the foregoing)

In the same year, Clanranald complained to the council that Rorye Mc Eane Og, in Guydell, was associated with Rannald Mc Kallane Vc Eane, uncle of the chieftain, in unlawful ways. In 1622, the record. shows Rorie Mc Allane Vc Ferguhar as being captain of Illantyrum, which no doubt means in charge of the castle on that island.
In the counci1 records for 1631, there occurs a complaint by the Bishop of the Isles against some of Clanrarald's tenants, for having taken from him an Irish priest, Patrick Chagartie, whom he had captured. The tenants csomplained of were as follows:
Donald Mc Loughlane Mc Murrich in ----------
Ranald Mc Alaster Vc Ean Og
Rorie Vc Farquhar,
with about thirty armed persons and at the direction of Ranald Mc Allane Vc Eane, uncle to the Clanranald chieftain. The latter promised to produce the last two
the three cited, but the first mentioned had fled to Ireland.
In 1835, a large number of the Clanranald were involved in the looting of the ship "Susanna" in one of the Western Islands, the cargo being valued at over £10,000. The council records contain a number of references to the affair and executions were issued against a long list of names, in the year 1636. The dates and names follow:-
Nov. 26, 1635 Donald Gorme Mc Ranald Buy Vc Alester
Jan.10/13/1636 John Bayne McEane Vc Kinlay
Donald Mc Innes Roy
John Dow Mc Whirrie
John Mc Inness Vc Duill
John Mc Eane Ure Vc Eane
Allester Mc Gorrie
John Mc Ean Dow Vc Allester Vc Eane Moydertiche
Allister Mc Eane Staliche
John Mc Brian Vc Wurrycht
Donald Mc Brian Vc Wurrycht
---------- Mc Donill Gorme Vc Eane
Angus Mc Ranald Vc Allan Ure (all personally apprehended)

On the same days
to Ranald Mc Allane Vc Eane - designed Laird of Castleborrow
Angus Mc Ranald Vc Allane Vc Earne, his son
Royrie Mc Ranald Vc Allane Vc Eane " "
Angus Mc Lauchlane Vc Innes
Dougall Mc Donill Roy Vc Donochie Bane
Finnowne Mc Eane Vc Neill
Donald Gorme Mc Duphie
Lachlan Mc Eane Vc Neill Vc Fingone
John Mc Innes Vc Dougall Mc Duphie
Donald Gorm Vc Innes Vc Allan
John Mc Donald Vc Innes Vc Allan
John Moydertache McDoni1l Vc Allan Vc Eane Captain of the Clanranald
Royrie Mc Allan
John McAllan
Allam Mc Eane Ure Vc Donald Gorme
John Mc Eane Ure Vc Donald Gorme
Allester Mc Eane Vc Donill Dow Vc Neill
Gilliecallum Mc Illeroche
John Mc Illeroche, his son
Donald Mc Lauchlane Vc Wurrycht
Dougall Mc Eane Vc Donochie
Angus Mc Ean Gir Vc Duill Roy
John Mc Donill -- piper
James McNicliff
Donald Mc Eane Vc Allaster
On Jan 19th 1636 Eowin Mc Guarie
Donald Mc Donald Ure
Eowine Dow Mc Lauchlane Vc Eowin Ure in Illera
Donald McIntyre all personally apprehended
On Feb 17th 1636 John Mc Innes Roy
Dougall Mc Duphie
Allan Mc Ranald of Morar

After 1636, there seems little in the records that has not been dealt with in the clan history, and the records of the Privy Council end in 1660 or 1670.
March 16th, 1940.

No 411

Macdonalds of Knoydart, SCOTLAND
This was a branch of the Clanranald, and a branch that disappeared territorially in 1611, when the lands they possessed became the property of the Glengarry branch. No genealogical details are given in Vol. 3 of Clan Donald subsequent to Ranald, the last chieftain of Sliochd Ailein vic Ailein, who was killed sometime in 1613 or shortly thereafter. Nevertheless it is certain that descendants existed, and some of them came out to Canada in 1784 and settled at or near Alexandria, Ontario.
Another branch of the Clan Donald (but not of the Clanranald) had some of its members in Knoydart, Scotland, known as Clann Ian Ruadh, a sept of Macdonalds of the Loup. Descendants of this branch also came to Alexandria, Ontario, in 1784, or thereafter.
In looking into the old records of the Privy Council of Scotland, additional details have been found by the writer which have not been given by the authors of "Clan Donald", or, if noted by them, have been passed over. As it may interest the present day descendants of the pioneers who came to Canada from Knoydart, I shall give some details from these Scottish records.
On July 22, 1602, a complaint was made to the Privy Council at the instance of the relicts, bairns and other kin of the deceased, Johne Oig McAngus McKechin, Johne McEandecheir, Rory Roy McChoring, Donnald McConnill Doy, Donnald Roy McEane Vc Achane, Donnald McConnill VcConill Doy, and McWeill Donich Forcar; as follows:

Donnald McAngus of Glengarry, or at least, Angus, his son, with
Ronnald McRorie VcAllaster,
Gillespik MeGorich,
Alexander and Donald, his brothers,
Donnald McAngus Moir,
Rannald McAllane McAllaster,
Alexander McAllaster McAngus, Laird of Knoydart,
Allane Roy, Rannald and Donnald, his sons
Alexander McEane VcAllane,
Alexander and Ronald, his brothers
Johne McEane VcMurchie Glas,
Donnald McAngus Geir,
Angus McConill VcDoull,
Rory and Donald, his brothers
Angus McAllaster VcAllane,
John Dow McAllaster, his brother,
Johne Tivach (?Towach) McConill VcGillmorie,
Ewne McConill, his brother,
Allane McRannald McAllaster and
Alexander McRannald McAllaster, his brothers,
Gillicallum McAllane Roy,
Donald Gar McEane Vany,
Robert McConill, his son
Johne McConill Voir,
Johne Dow McConill Voir, his son,
Duncane Dow McPhitar and
Donnald Roy, his brother,
Donnald McRannald Vane,
Johne McConneill VcAngus Moir,
Angus McConill, his brother, and
Alexander Oig McEane VcAllane,

All the said Laird of Glengarrys men, accompanied by a "grit nowmer of broken and disorderit Hielandmen", armed, etc., came in the month of November previously to the lands of Torrieurdane (Torridon), where the said Johne Oig McAngus McKechin and others were within their own houses taking their night's rest, burnt the houses and slaughtered the inmates. Their act was apparently approved by the Laird of Glengarry. A copy of the charge was given to the defenders and to Donald McEanair VcAllen to answer, and now, as they had not appeared, an order was given by the Privy Council to denounce them .
The foregoing information deals with a raid against the Mackenzie country, in which the Glengarry clansmen were the principal participants, but it seems clear that Glengarry was assisted in the raid by some of Sliochd Ailein VcAilein. The reference in the record to Alexander McAllaster McAngus being Laird of Knoydart is not clear to me as according to the clan history it was not until a decade afterwards that the old family were actually dispossessed by the Glengarry one.
The next record in the register of the council concerning the Knoydart people indicate that, far from assisting Glengarry, they were engaged in a feud with him. In 1613 a commission was given by the Privy Council to apprehend some of the Knoydart people as follows:
Allane McAllaster VcAngus in Kilchoan in Knoydart
Allaster McAllaster, his brother, there
Donald McAngus McAllan in Sandok,
Ronald McAngus McAllan, his brother, there
Angus McAngus, his brother, there
Alexander Oig in Innergizeran
Ronald Roy in Ardinsletherache
Angus McAllane Roy in Crobling
Alexander McAllane Roy, his brother, in Knoydart,
Johne McRorie there,
Duncane McRorie, his son
It seems that the foregoing parties remained unrelaxed from a horning of April 16th previously, at the instance of Marie Nine Angus Roy, relict, Ronald McAngus son, and the remaining kin of the late Ronald McAngus Gear of Neogart in Knoydart. This was for the murder of the last named Ronald. But from another note in the P. C records. it seems that the Knoydart men had been implicated in a raid on the lands of Laggan Achindrum in Glengarry, belonging to Donald McAngus, in which raid houses and property were destroyed.
In 1614 there appears on record in the Glengarry Charter Chest a wadset to Alasdair Og Maclain Vic Allan of Inverguseran, who is said by the Clan Donald to be "apparently of the old family", i.e. Sliochd Ailein Vic Ailein. A direct descendant of this man was standard bearer for Glengarry at the Battle of Culloden.
Then in 1616, following a raid on Knoydart by the Clanranalds, a bond of amity was signed by Clanranald and Glengarry, and this bond contains the following names:
Alester McEane VcAllane in Inverguseran
Angus Mac Allan Roy in Lee
Alester, his brother, in Crowlin
Neill McRorie VcEan Roy in Scottos
Allan Mor in Barrisdale
Ronald Roy McEan VcAllan in Ardnasteisneithe
Alester McEan Vc Allane Roy in Lee
Alaster, his son
The council records for 1623 disclose that on June 17th of that year, there was
given a bond of caution by Alexander McRonnald McAllane Roy, - apparent of Crawling -for 500 marks.
Next we come to 1628, in which year an action was pursued by: -
Thomas Fraser of Streachin
Donald McGillemichell in Mureton
Alexander Cowy there
Donald McEane McWilliam there
William McFrenshe there


Donald McAngus of Glengarry, as alleged. master and landlord to
Donald Gorme Mc VcAlester in Berrisdail
Ronald McAllane Roy
Ronald Roy McEane VcAllane
Allan McAllaster Oig
Donald McRannald Vayne
Marie Bwy Nin Donald Roy
Rorie McAllane Roy
Murdo McEane Vayne
Donald Mor McOneill Dwy VcInreich
Donald McAllane VcRannald
Alaster McAllane Roy
Gilliechallum Dow Angus McEane VcNeill
John Dow McOneill Oig McEane Dwy
Lauchlan McEane
Angus Dow McAllaster VcOneill
Angus McAlaster VcEane
Duncan McGorie
Angus Donald Gressiche
Allan Moir VcAlaster VcAllane
Donald Biry McEane Dwy VcOneill VcTerloche
Ewin McEane VcEane Vayne.
Martin McEane VcRorie
Donald McEane VcRorie
Donald McAlaster VcAllane
Ewin McEane
Alaster McAllane
Alaster Dow McAlaster VcAllan
Angus McEane VcRorie
Rorie Dow Donald McGillichallum Oig
Ewin Cheill McDonnald
Cheill VcConnochie VcErchar
Donald McOneill VcAllane Roy
Angus Dow McOneill Dwy VcInreiche
William McEane Glassich VcCoull
for being rebels and thieves. The defenders were warned of the action.

In the year l635 there is a brief note in the records of the Privy Council indicating that
Donald Gorme McRannald in Knoydart
Johne McRannald in Invergarrie. and
Alaster McRannald, natural son to the said Donald
are put to the horn for failing to appear before the council to answer a charge.

After this there does not seem to be much of importance in the Privy Council Records to concern Sliochd Ailein VcAilein. Those who remained in Knoydart no doubt were to some extent displaced in their lands by clansmen of the Glengarry branch.
Father John Macdonald of Alexandria, Ontario who was born in 1782 and died in 1879, compiled a genealogical tree of the Clan Ian Ruadh of Knoydart, a branch of the Macdonalds of the Loup, and he left also some genealogical details of descendants of Sliochd Ailein VcAilein, who came to Alexandria. Martin McEane VcRorie and his brother, Donald, were of the Clan Ian Ruadh, and these names appear in the list which I have given for the year 1628.
March 13, 1940.

Sundry Notes from the Register of the Privy Council

In examining the above records, it appears that there a great many occasions where men of this clan are mentioned, and from these, the writer has selected an entry for 1602. In that year a complaint was made to the council by Johne Campbell, Commissary of Inverness against: -

Donnald Glas Mc Rannald ,brother of Alexander Mc Rannald of Garvagac
Ronnald Mc Rannald, also his brother, Allaster Mc Eane Vc Innes
Johne, Angus, Donnald and Ronnald, his sons
Gorrie Mc Allaster Vc Gorrie (McAlester)
Allaster Mc Gorrie
John Dow Mc Conill Vc Rannald
Allane and Angus, his brothers
Gillespik Mc Eane Vc Conill
William and Angus, his brothers
William Mc Conill Vc Gorie
Gorie and Angus, his brothers
Johne Mc Eane Vc Finlay Roy
Ewne Mc Finlay Roy, his brother (?his son)
Johne Dow Vc Conill Vc Innes
Johne Mc Innes Vc Connachie
Paull Mc Connachie Vc Innis, his son
Farquhar Dow Mc Conill Vc Farquhar
Aliaster Dow his brother
Gilliechallum Mc Farquhar Vc Conill Vc Farquhar 1son of the said Farquhar
Donnald Mc Innes Vc Eane Dowy
Gillespik Mc Innes, his brother
Donald Mor Mc Eane Vc Fer Innes
Angus and Allaster Mc Allasteris, his sons
Robert Mc Conill Vc Robert
Allaster and Angus, Mc Robertis, his sons
Johne Dow Mc Conill Vc Neill
Johne Dow Mc Eane Dowy Vc Conill, his son
Donnald Mc Fer Phillope
Johne Mc Ago Vc Gowne
Ewne Mc Ago, his brother
Finlay Mc Williame Dowy( ?Roy)
John e Owir Mc Conill Vc Innes Weill
Angus Reoch Mc Eane Dowy Vc Innes Weill
Angus Reoch Mc Conill Vc Inness ,brother of Johne Owir
Tarloch Mc Eane Dowy, brother of Angus Reoch Mc Eane Dowy Vc Innes Weill
Dowgall Mc Rory
Allaster Mc Dowgall Vc Rory
Dowgall (?Johne) Oig, his brother
Donald Mc Innes Weill (?Vc Conill)
Angus Gar Mc Glassarich
Allaster Roy Mc Innes Vc Conill
Johne Mc Gillandreis Vc Layne
Donald Mc Conchy Vc Gonill Vc Innes
Johne Mc Conili Vc Intagart
Johne Mc Farquhar Doy Vc Lane Vane
Gillechallum Mc Farquhar Dow, his brother
Neill Mc Gillechallum Vc Eane Dowy
Johne Mc Dowgall Vc Rory
Donald Mc Conill (?Mc Lauchlane)Vc Vane
Lauchlane Mc Tarlich
Duncane (?Donnald)Mc Conill Vc Gorrie
Soyrle Moir Mc Gillichallum
James Mc Ago Vc Gowne
William Dow Mc Eane Inche
and others, all of whom had ravaged the lands of Moy, under the direction or causing of the said Alexander Mc Ronnald .
One other note in the records is given herewith. In 1636, a charge was made by the council to Ranald Mc Donnald of Keppoch to apprehend two of his followers who had damaged property of Walter Kynnaird of Cowbin in Mar, on Nov 4th previous.
The two followers were:-
Donald Mc Alaster Urick Mc Donnald
Duncane Mc Alester Vc Eane Mc Donnald

Possibly some of the names of the clansmen I have given may be of some interest to anyone interested in the genealogy of the Keppoch clansmen.

March 16th, 1940