Ship Notes
by John Dye

No 298
…………. out from South Uist to Scotchfort, P. E. I. with 210 settlers from South Uist and the adjoining mainland, the emigration being sponsored by Capt. John MacDonald, Laird of Glenaladale and Glenfinnan. The most of these immigrants remained in Prince Edward Island, though a good many moved over to Inverness County and some to the mainland of Nova Scotia. In 1922, a handsome memorial cross was unveiled at Scotchfort P. E. I. to mark the site where these Highlanders landed and in memory of three principal men who came with the party.
Now we come to the year 1773, the year in which Pictou County received its first contingent of Highland settlers. For the sake of conciseness I shall give a list of the ships which I have come across as bringing out immigrants, beginning with 1773 and ending with 1803:

1773 Ship "Hector" sailed from Loch Broom, and arrived at Pictou, Nova Scotia, on September 15. There were about 180 passengers from Ross-shire and Loch Broom. The master's name was John Spears.
1774 Name of ship unknown. The vessel was wrecked on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. There was only a small number of emigrants on board.
1790 Name of ship unknown. This vessel contained a large number of emigrants who went out to Prince Edward Island, accompanied by the Rev. Mr. MacEachern(?) (afterwards Bishop of Prince Edward Island). The settlers were from the Western Isles and the adjoining mainland, and the vessel landed at Scotchfort, P. E. I.
1791 Two vessels, one of which I believe was the "Dunkeld", arrived at Pictou this year with a number of settlers from the Hebrides. The most of these people removed further east along the shore of Nova Scotia, viz, to Antigonish County or Cape Breton.
1801 Ship "Sarah" brought out 700 emigrants to Pictou, N. S.
1801 Ship "Pigeon" brought a small number of settlers to Pictou.
1801 Ship "Aurora" brought settlers from Strathglas to Nova Scotia.
1801 Ship "Dove" of Aberdeen brought settlers to Pictou.
1801 Ship "Golden Text" of Aberdeen brought settlers from Glenmoriston to Nova Scotia.
1802 A vessel, name unknown, brought 370 Highlanders to Nova Scotia.
1803 Ship "Favourite" sailed from Ullapool and arrived at Pictou with 500 (1500?) passengers. The master's name was Ballantyne.

The "Sarah" and the "Dove" were the two vessels which came out with settlers from Scotland under arrangements made by Hugh DeNoon of Pictou. In Patterson's "History of Prince Edward Island" the names are given as the "Sarah" and the "Pigeon", but Professor D. O. Harvey, Provincial Archivist, discovered and published the original passenger list in September 1912, and is of the opinion that the name "Pigeon" given by the Rev. George Patterson in his "History of Prince Edward Island" was an error.

Additional note on a separate sheet:
Prior to 1772, the only Highland immigrants to come to Canada so far as I have ascertained were those who arrived in the ship "Annabella" which brought settlers from Kintyre to Malpaque, P. E. I., but I am inclined to think that the majority of this lot(?) were Lowlanders. Certain details of this immigration are given in a footnote in Warburton's "History of P. E. I."