Moidart in Pictures

This section shows images of Moidart past and present - we know that many of visitors to this website want to see what Moidart is like now.

Contributions for publication on these pages are welcomed - if you're emailing photos or drawings please send them in .jpg format to this address. Any contributions will be attributed on these pages unless otherwise requested.

All images copyright © Moidart History Group or Contributors

Gallery: Eilean Shona in 1956 - photos contributed by Andrew Stainer

Kinlochmoidart, Glen Forslan, Port a'Bhata, Egnaig, Kylesbeg and Kylesmore

Local People and Places 1967 till 1979: pictures donated by Maggie and David Bowie

Lochailort, Roshven, Glenuig, Samalaman, Smirisary

Photographs donated by Olive Thomson, with a Lochailort flavour.

Loch Shiel and the Green Isle

Samalaman and Kinlochteacuis 1940 - 1954: pictures kindly donated by the late Jean Clegg