Cattle Imports
John Dye

Cattle imports by sea from the Outer Isles

"… Drovers who used the route to Lochaline took their beasts from Morvern to the shores of Loch Sunart. At Strontian where, besides the lead mine developed by the York Buildings Company in 1730, there was a cattle market, they would be joined by droves which were sometimes landed from the Outer Isles at Kilchoan in Ardnamurchan and 'the creek of Salen' on Loch Sunart, or at the western end of Loch Shiel by boats from the islands which entered the loch by the River Shiel for return cargoes of timber."
This appears in A.R.B. Haldane's 'Drove Roads of Scotland', 1952, (page 87), but this sentence is itself noted as having a source - N.S.A., Ardnamurchan, VII, 130, 155-6. Incidentally, this quote is not dated, it could be the first reference to Salen in Loch Sunart.