Polloch Graffiti

Colin Butters contributed this information and the photographs below after he visited Polloch Pier in March 2003. He says:

I was fascinated by some graffiti on the corrugated iron of the old hut at the wrecked Polloch Pier which I walked past last week (2005). There are many inscriptions and I managed to photograph two of them. Some date back to the 1950's and beyond.

One, for instance, is:

"Mary Watters, Postie, Polloch, June 1954 "

and another is

"Women's Forestry Service, Robina Irvine, Polloch House, Polloch, Inverness-shire, Home Address, 5 Allanvale, Dunlop, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Please write".

Webmaster's note: although they don't mention Polloch, there is an interesting article on the Womens' Forestry Service (also known as the Women's Timber Corps) on the 'Scots at War' website http://www.scotsatwar.org.uk/veteransreminiscences/mlynch.htm .