Interesting Snippets

A section for bits and pieces of information, much of it from visitors to the site.

Contributions are always welcomed (please use email) and the contributor will be credited unless otherwise requested.

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Acharacle Urquharts - John Dye

Caravan, The Road to the Isles by, - The Caravan Magazine
Cattle Imports by sea from the Western Isles to Salen - John Dye
Clanranald Emigration - John Dye

Desert story by Hugh MacLean - John Dye

Forsay Caravan Park: the early story - John & Molly Harvey

Glenfinnan Gathering - Chieftains - Gordon Barr
Green Isle Ferry Boat Committee

MacDonald Eyes - John Dye
MacInnes Family Notes - Rosanne MacInnes
McIsaac Notes (1) - John Dye
McIsaac Notes (2) - John Dye
Miscellany from PEI Newspapers - John Dye
Moidart Miscellany from newspapers, 1811 to 1901 - Gordon Barr

Newspaper cuttings about Moidart - Ken Bowker & Gordon Barr


Jottings in old books in Salen - John Dye


Parish Records 1838 - John Dye
PEI Newspaper Miscellany - John Dye
Poetry and Songs of Ranald Rankin - Gordon Barr
Poetry of Toni Maclean
Polloch Pier Graffiti, circa 1940/50
- Colin Butters

Ranald Rankin, Poetry and Songs of - Gordon Barr
Roshven Hydro-electric power station opens - Ken Bowker
Roshven YHA Hostel, 1959 - Ken Bowker

Ship Notes - John Dye
Skye Boat song - written for Roshven - Ken Bowker
Songs and Poetry of Ranald Rankin - Gordon Barr

The Road to the Isles by Caravan - The Caravan Magazine
Toni's Poems - the Poetry of Toni Maclean

YHA Hostel, Roshven, 1959 - Ken Bowker