The Moidart Timewarp
by Tim Roberton

1601 - 1625
In which James of Scotland acceded to the English throne upon the death of Elizabeth, Clanranald (XI) registered a charter reconfirming the grant of land to his Grandfather (Clanranald VIII) eighty years previously, the American colony of Virginia was founded, the Mayflower brought the Pilgrim Fathers to Massachusetts and James died to be succeded by Charles I

1603 Burning to death of a congregation of Mackenzies by Glengarry Macdonalds at Kilchrist. TC Smout, A History of the Scottish People 1560-1830, pages 103.

1603 Ambushing of a band of Colquhouns by Macgregors at Glenfruin which included the slaughter of a number of lowland students who had come along with the Colquhouns to see the "fun". TC Smout, A History of the Scottish People 1560-1830, pages 103.

1603 James I of England and VI of Scotland came to the English throne upon the death of Elizabeth. He had already reigned in Scotland as James VI and, indeed had inherited the Scottish throne as an infant aged two in 1567, when his mother, Mary Queen of Scots fled to England. (She was at first given refuge, but became the focus of Catholics wishing to see her on the throne instead of Elizabeth. This led to her execution in 1587.) The Protestant James I was to rule England and Scotland until 1625, when he was succeeded by his son Charles I. Zierer/Mountfield History of England p70.

1607 Virginia founded by Royal Charter. A New History of Great Britain, RB Mowat, page 402.

1608 Between 1608 and 1611 the North East of Ireland (Ulster), where much land was vacant owing to the long rebellions, was resettled, chiefly with Presbyterians from Scotland. This made it a home of industry, enterprise and loyalty to the British Crown, although it also emphasised to a lesser degree the division between Catholic and Protestant. It must be noted that although the Irish in Elizabeth's time had felt the influence of the Reformation, they had subsequently been reconverted to Catholicism by Jesuits. A New History of Great Britain, RB Mowat, page 357.

1609 Statutes of Iona obtained submission from Clanranald to offer obedience to the King and to be answerable for his land. Subsequently, Clanranald (Donald) sought and obtained from the King a charter, registered in Edinburgh, containing the title to his lands. This was confirmation of the charter held by his grandfather, John of Moidart more than eighty years previously. Castle Tioram, Christine Aikman, page 14.

1622 Pope Gregory XV set up "Propaganda Fide" as a mission strategy, not only for the non-Christian world of the Orient and the Americas but also in the Protestant countries like Scotland…in which the key role was assigned to an individual missionary priest, trained in Tridentine theology and working directly under the control of the papacy. . Most crucial to the maintenance of a Catholic presence in the Highlands and Islands were the endeavours of the Irish Franciscans., who operated out of Antrim and received funding from the Propaganda from 1622. Eighteenth Century Scotland, New Perspectives, TM Devine and JR Young, page 93, Essay by James F McMillan

1620 Mayflower landed at Cape Cod Massachusetts with the Pilgrim Fathers. A New History of Great Britain, RB Mowat, page 310.

1625 James I died and was succeeded by his son Charles I, who reigned (unhappily) for nearly 25 years until 1649. Zierer/Mountfield History of England p70.


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