The Moidart Timewarp
by Tim Roberton

In which Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne, the Clanranald finally retired from service on Loch Shiel, and the road from Glenuig and Lochailort was opened.

1950sThe Macaulays come to Kinlochmoidart Farm by way of Polloch where they farmed before. In the early days, cattle were taken to market at Stirling by droving. Hettie Macaulay (Donald senior’s sister) went to Kinlochmoidart School. At this time, Kinacarra was a shop and petrol filling station. Donald Macaulay junior to Tim Roberton

1953 Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne.

1953 Clanranald II retired from service at the end of October after 53 years, after replacing Clanranald I which had been found to draw too much for Loch Shiel. Clanranald II had opened up many locations along the shore including Gaskan, Achanellan, Gortenvorrain, Scammadale, Guisachan and Glenaladale. Oban Times, 7th November 1953, Bonnalie/Impey Papers Ref 15After lying for a while at Acharacle, she eventually went to Glenfinnan to be broken up. St Finan’s Isle, Its Story by Alastair Cameron (North Argyll), page 24 - Jean Cameronand Bonnalie/Impey Papers, Ref 38

1964 Poem by Lorna Pike, grand-daughter of Mrs Reid at the Old Schoolhouse Kinlochmoidart, identifies the following households: Allan is at the shop and Mary at the tea-room and Duncan at the store; the cottage up the road is occupied by the two Marys; whilst the farm is occupied by Lexie. Mr Blay the estate handyman occupies West Lodge; Miss Moffat is at the Old Post Office and the Hughes (from East Kilbride) just across the bridge at Ardmollich; East Lodge is occupied by the Weirs and then comes Jess’s house; the Howkins are at Torloisk; the Maguires were about to move abroad from Brunery Farm and the Reids are at the Old Schoolhouse and the Bonnallies at Burnside. Next door are the MacPhersons, whilst at the big house are the Stewarts. Lorna Pike, 1964, Bonnalie/Impey Papers, Ref 11

1966 Road opened from Lochailort, through Glenuig to Kinlochmoidart, connecting it for the first time to the villages of Glenuig, Roshven and Lochailort to the North. Prior to this, all road access had been from the South by way of Acharacle and across Shiel Bridge.

1926 - 1950

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