The Moidart Timewarp
by Tim Roberton

In which the local branch of the Women's Institute was formed and Kinlochmoidart House was restored.

1982 Letter from Marjorie Drummond relating to early WI meetings (a long time before 1982) at Kinlochmoidart…..”names of the 8 ladies who attended the very first meeting”

Margaret McClurg

The Lodge

Lexie Smith


Peggy Kennedy


Mrs MacDonald

Kinacara Shop

Mrs Norman Macauley


Miss Lees


Mrs General Stewart

The Castle

Marjorie Drummond


….General Stewart kindly lent us a room in the big house….we got our heads together and decided to cream wash the walls one afternoon and painted the old grate black….we each brought something to eat at the meetings which we pooled on a plate and one member brought a large kettle which was permanently on the boil…Miss Lees added a certain amount of dignity…but even she was many times convulsed with laughter and just sat there holding her ribs….The meetings were arranged as near as full moon nights as possible, although I still carried a torch and I used to walk three and a half miles through the hill to our wee croft at Caolis…My husband used to meet me at the old boathouse that used to be near the pier….This was long before the new road to Lochailort was made…In summer I used to use my croft rowing boat as far as the pier…. We had meetings all year round in those days…at the end of each meeting we had a game we loved to play called Rag Bag…corsets, bloomers, bras, bathing costumes….the music would stop and we would all rush to the Rag Bag and put something on…This was hilarious and we used to laugh our heads off…. (some having to rush to the toilet)…Gradually we got more members from Dalnabreac and Dorlin etc and moved to Mingarry Hall…” Letter from Marjorie Drummond, Bonnalie/Impey Papers, Ref 55

1995 Kinlochmoidart House restored. Kinlochmoidart House, Stephen Jefferson

1951 - 1975

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